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Plushie Paw

Kawaii Japan Taiyaki Plushies

Kawaii Japan Taiyaki Plushies

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Unleash your playful side with our Kawaii Japan Taiyaki Squirrel, Bunny & Cat Plushie! This quirky and fun toy features a cute cat hiding in a cushion bag, embodying the whimsy of Japanese culture. Whether you're looking for a cuddly plushie or a unique throw pillow, this plushie has got you covered (pun intended). Approximate size is 38X23cm. (Big size is 75-80cm) 


  • 100% premium quality cotton 
  • Perfect for all ages 
  • Perfect for a gift on any special holiday or day 
  • Promotes relaxation with its soft material 
  • The material is PP cotton 

Basic Information: 

  • High-quality environmental protection PP cotton 
  • Our plushies appeal to all ages, from toddlers to adults, perfect for play, collecting and cuddling. 

Care Instructions: 

  • Plush toys can be gently hand-washed with soap and water. Do not squeeze or iron as this can cause damage 

Shipping Information: 

  • Processing time - 1 - 3 days 
  • Shipping - We offer worldwide shipping. The average delivery time is 9 - 21 days. 
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